Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will this program help me?

    ACE allows us to view our trading from two perspectives. Offensive, our ability to generate positive trades and the P/L we capture from them. Defensive showing us how our risk management is performing, how our strategies are working and the areas that we need to tighten up to become profitable traders. Overall it will help you become an efficient trader.

  2. Do I have to enter trades manually?

    No you do not, trades need to uploaded onto the website, the instructions are on the video above. Once the trades have been uploaded on the website we store them in our account for the life of your subscription. If you want us to host the trades without a subscription contact our support department.

  3. Is there a minimum time period I need to subscribe for?

    No there are no minimums, subscription is monthly and can be canceled at anytime.

  4. Can I save trades from different brokers and view the data in one report?

    Yes data can be uploaded from various brokers into one account and viewed under one report.

  5. What if you do not have my broker in your software?

    If we do not have your particular broker programmed into our software we can program them in there for you. You can contact is at to find out more.

  6. How does the program calculate profit and loss?

    P/L is calculated on a using intraday and overnight First In First out base. This means that the oldest shares are counted as being covered first, same goes for overnight trades.

  7. Will my P/L on ACE match my brokers reports exactly?

    In most cases the report should match you broker. However some brokers may calculate differently.

Email us with any questions, thoughts and suggestions you may have. We want to hear your ideas and feed back about our product. If you are a subscriber to the software you get to ask us one question a week free about your trading. Based on our various matrix/evaluation tools we can give you individual and independent feedback about your trading.